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Designed for the most extreme applications, Funk's Metal Core Turbo Blanket has been developed and tested to ensure reliability, reusability and performance under intense stress.

Features include;
  • The same OEM Aluminium heat barrier in which has been praised by the market
  • Thicker internal composite fibres to ensure even less heat transfer
  • Uprated reinforced stitching and edges throughout the entire structure, to provide removal and refitting ability.
  • More durable Titanium Lava Rock twill finish that is less prone to wear and loose fibres.
With our most extreme applications in mind, this Metal Core Turbo Blanket will withhold and protect against heat transfer in all motorsport applications where constant removal is vital and extreme temperature changes occur. With the strength provided by the metal core, this blanket would be an ideal choice for extreme motorsport such as Rally, Rallycross and extreme 4×4 Hill climbing.

Available in:

Typical applications of T25 applications are (but are not limited to)
TD04-15T, BorgWarner EFR7163).

Typical applications of T3 applications are (but are not limited to)
Garrett GT3071R, Garrett GTX3076R, KP39, RS341, Most V-Band Applications

Typical applications of T4 applications are (but are not limited to)
BorgWarner EFR 7670, BorgWarner S300, BorgWarner S366, BorgWarnet S400, EFR 8374, S366, Garrett GT3076r, Garrett GTX3582, Garrett GT35R, Garrett GT37R, Garrett GT40, Garrett GT42, Garrett GT45, Garrett GT46, Garrett GT47, Garrett GTX42, Garrett T04Z, Garrett 60-1, Garrett TB03, HKS T04z, HKS T51R, Precision Turbo PT67, PT6870, T4 6266, RS341,

We urge you to see their product testing of just how amazing these blankets stop the heat! We show a 2000°C blowtorch just inches from the blanket, protecting a bare hand – this is one not to miss. Click here to check it out!