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Funk's Silver Heat Sleeving is specifically designed for to protect vital lines and signal cables whilst sustaining the presentation of the engine bay.

Yet to be seen in the world of Heat Management, the featherweight Carbon Fibre heat sleeving promotes optimal performance whilst also maintaining reliability. Designed to match our turbo blankets and enhance all Carbon Fibre trim around the car, Funk's Carbon Fibre heat sleeving will protect from any rubbing or excess that may occur. Popular uses include sensor looms, electrical wiring, fuel lines and oil lines.

Developed with the customer in mind, this product has been designed for easy fitment to all performance applications. Whilst being designed to maintain optimal performance and reliability, this simple product can easily smarten up the appearance of any race car or road car.

This heat sleeving is available for all Motorsport categories in sizes:

15mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
30mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)