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Modern vehicles contain an ECU which controls how the vehicle operates. When manufacturers produce a car, the ECU is programmed to take into account emissions, various fuel grades, different climates etc. Performance is not normally at the top of this list.

Remapping replaces the software on the ECU with a map that is designed to enhance the performance of your engine. Not only can you benefit from increased throttle response, increased horsepower and increased torque, in some cases there is even an improvement in fuel economy which can ultimately lower your fuel bill..

Vehicle Healthcheck + Stage 1 ECU Remap
Before we take the base map from your ECU we carry out a check of the vital components of your engine to make sure the engine is healthy and ready to accept the new software (checks may vary depending on vehicle).

Vehicle Healthcheck + Dyno tuning + Stage 1 ECU Remap

As above but your vehicle will be taken to a dyno (or you can meet us there) and datalogs collected to make sure all the components of your engine are performing within expected parameters and the tune is tweaked even more for your car
If a component isn't working as expected we will advise you on next steps.

We can also offer extra's such as EGR removal, MAF removal, crackle map which are charged at an additional £50.

We can help you get the best and safest power and fuel economy from your car or van. We don't over quote bhp gains or try to give as much power as possible without any thought for the life span of your vehicle. We tune for the optimisation between the right power and reliability in our Stage 1 Tunes.

We will also give you full support and advice from start to end, on how we can improve your vehicles driveability dependent on the option you choose - from full performance remap, an economy tune or a mix of both.

If purchasing through our website you can book an appointment to suit you using our online booking form.

Some examples of gains as below

Audi A1 1.4 TFSI (CAVG)
Power 185bhp increased to 210bhp
Torque 250nm increased to 290nm

BMW E90 320d
Power 163bhp increased to 200bhp
Torque 340nm increased to 420nm

Ford Focus 1.6T EcoBoost
Power 150bhp increased to 195bhp
Torque 240nm increased to 300nm

Nissan Juke 1.6T
Power 190bhp increased to 230bhp
Torque 240nm increased to 300nm