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Funk Motorsport’s Funk Cool’s Gold Velcro Heat Sleeve allows both protection of vital lines whilst providing great visual benefits. The Gold sleeve will withstand direct heat of up to 250°C whilst able to reflect away up to 95% of all radiant heat. Created using a malleable high temperature, heat reflective material this shroud is designed to easily slip over cables and lines in situe without the need for any line or cable disconnecting.

Developed for the demands of the market, Funk have brought a sewn version of their highly heat reflective gold sleeving to the motorsport and performance industry. The heat sleeving uses their reflective Gold elements, on top of their woven heat barrier fibres, to ensure optimal performance. This heat sleeve will protect against direct heat of up to 250°C whilst reflecting away 90% of all radiant heat.

This protective heat sleeving will protect in all conditions whilst providing a tidy finish to any engine bay or race cabin. Used by Funk Motorsport sponsored projects, our heat sleeving can be seen on all kinds of applications including audio installs.

The colour Gold is used in all high end motorsport and aeronautical projects including NASA space craft and Formula 1!