LD Performance Electronic Boost Controller

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Full kit – Controller, 3 port Solenoid, connectors, vacuum hose, wiring harness and fittings

Electronic Boost Controller up to 3 bar boost.
Fully configurable via on-screen settings and a single knob.
Visible under sunlight OLED fast response display.

  1. High-visibility OLED display shows boost in real-time
  2. Internal MAP sensor for up to 3bar boost
  3. Adjustable DUTY and Target Boost
  4. Fast response and no target overshooting
  5. Hi/Lo boost settings
  6. Overboost safety protection
  7. Shows current boost and duty on screen
  8. Can show boost in BAR or PSI
  9. Works with 3-port solenoid valve
  10. Size: LxHxThinckness: 118x44x17mm

Values go from 0% to 100% where 0 is lowest boost possible and 100% is highest boost possible. Start increasing DUTY to get higher boost.

Note that the minimum boost set with Duty=0% is the pressure set by the wastegate spring tension.


START BOOST sets the boost level at which the solenoid will start operating. Until this point the wastegate will be fully shut to aid in lag reduction. When the pressure goes above the START BOOST the configured DUTY will be applied.

Once the boost level is set by SET DUTY,  use START BOOST to reduce lag. By increasing the value closer to the actual boost level, it will keep the wastegate shut all the way until that point. Going too much though, will cause an overshoot.


BOOST LIMIT is a safety feature. The controller will switch off the solenoid if the pressure reaches this level. It will also display on the screen that the boost limit has been hit. Set it to a value higher than the target pressure.


BOOST TARGET is where you set what boost pressure is required. If you decrease it all the way to the left it changes to DISABLED which is the default setting and disables the automatic DUTY feature.


The maximum change the controller can do on the DUTY setting from the simple menu. So if it's set at 10% and DUTY is set at 60%, the controller will adjust it from 50% to 70% max to get a constant boost as specified in the BOOST TARGET.


The default settings here should work well for most. Only change these if you understand how PID works. Default settings are P=10, I=2, D=0.