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It is important to keep intake temperatures LOW – that is why Funk have developed their very own Induction tube thermal barrier sleeve. By maintaining a lower intake temperature, this helps to provide cooler airflow to the cooling system and MAF sensor, leading to an increased ignition spark and higher output of energy from combustion!

They are very proud to show off their Silver Lace up induction kit sleeving. After the successful velcro induction sleeving provided a product which is easily fitted to an engine, provides good performance and also neatens up the engine bay.

Our focused turned on developing a product that can provide the same great performance as its velcro counter part though can continue to provide a snug fitment to a more complex application.

Induction kit thermal protection is a great accessory to harness more power from your engine, whilst keep it running at its peak for more of the time!

Each Silver Lace Up Induction Sleeving comes comes complete with a range of coloured (or plain white) nylon thread to provide the ability to match your engine bay.

This product has been used by top flight single seater race teams that have a heavy focus on heat management, complex pipework and have minimal clearance space. F3 and F4 teams swear by these products that can provide the ultimate thermal protection, whilst giving the flexibility for removal (should it be required). These are suitable for pipework up to 3″ diameter, with larger sizes currently being developed.