LD Performance Wideband Controller for BOSCH LSU ADV

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The LDperformance Wideband controller uses the Bosch LSU ADV sensor and is based on the original CJ125 chip which provides reliable and fast AFR measurement. This is the best and newest lambda sensor technology available from BOSCH. Suitable for use with most Standalone ECUs.

Includes Wideband controller, AFR display, Bosch LSU ADV Oxygen sensor, all required connectors and extension cable.

The Bosch LSU ADV lambda sensor is the next generation wideband oxygen sensor. Compared to the older 4.9 (and 4.2) sensor the LSU ADV is more accurate at wider working temperature range. It also heats up quicker. 

It is now the recommended sensor for motorsport applications.

0-5V Analogue output

The analogue 0-5V output corresponds to 7.35AFR to 22.39AFR. To convert from voltage to AFR use the formula: V*15.04/5+7.35. The output is compatible with many Wideband AFR displays as well as the LDperformance AFR display.
During the initial heat-up phase of the sensor, the output will toggle 10AFR, 20AFR. This is done to verify the accuracy of the signal and the gauge.

Digital output

The Digital Output works only with the LDperformance AFR display and is used to 100% accurately display AFR on the gauge.
The LDperformance AFR display has a single input which can automatically detect if analogue or digital signal is connected.

Why LDperformance Wideband

By integrating the CJ125 chip which is specifically designed by Bosch for their lambda sensors, faster response times and more accurate readings can be achieved. The kit also uses the best and newest lambda sensor technology LSU ADV which is the successor of LSU 4.9 

Sensor Calibration

No user calibration is required for proper operation.